Service is a foundation of recovery in all 12-Step groups.

Service helps carry the message of recovery. As individuals, we continue to build and develop more perspective, peace and power to address our own life challenges as a result of the efforts we make to help those who still suffer as we once did.

Just as being of service is a key element in individual recovery, individual service at the group level is necessary for a group and its members to thrive. Participation in service activities helps a group function, creates a sense of fellowship, and strengthens our commitment to a higher purpose and/or our relationship to our Higher Power.

Ways to be of service

  • Greet newcomers, and make a point of helping everyone feel welcome and valued.
  • Share your experience, your strength, and a message of hope at meetings.
  • Pick up a service position in your group. Each group should have a rotating Meeting Chair, Treasurer, a General Service Board representative, and a Literature Coordinator who brings EDA literature to the meeting. For more information about service at the group level please see the EDA Meeting Guide.
  • Become a sponsor. Sponsorship is a fundamental component of service. If you have worked the Steps and are able to sponsor others, please attend meetings and offer to sponsor. Questions about sponsorship? Contact
  • Serve at the General Service Board level. For more information, see the GSB Roles document.
  • Spread the word. Contact local therapists and provide them with information about EDA such as Information for Professionals (brochure). Contact a local hospital or recovery institution to see if they are interested in having clients learn more about EDA.
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