We hope that the information provided here helps in determining if Eating Disorders Anonymous is an appropriate support for your patients and clients with eating disorders.

EDA was founded in 2000 in Phoenix, AZ. The original members recognized that an “abstinence  first” approach to recovery was ineffective for them. EDA’s focus is on balance and perspective rather than abstinence, distinguishing it from most other Twelve Step fellowships. EDA also welcomes atheists and agnostics, providing a path to recovery that requires each person to rely on their own truth.

In EDA, the process of recovery is based on the following:

  • Taking care of basic needs as a way to develop self trust
  • Focusing on balance not abstinence
  • Recognizing milestones of recovery instead of counting time
  • Using our feelings to guide us in taking the next right steps rather than using eating disordered behaviors to soothe our discomfort
  • Taking small, incremental steps toward resolution of life’s problems
  • Noticing what we are doing right (transforming negative self talk into positive action)

Specific, relevant pamphlets can be found under the Literature tab:

Our book, Eating Disorders Anonymous: The Story of How We Recovered from Our Eating Disorders, also known as the “EDA Big Book” is available for free in .pdf and audio formats.


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“Within the EDA text, it is proposed that the concept of a Higher Power can be embodied by  the idea of a higher purpose. This allows those who do not embrace religious convictions to  empower themselves with a higher level of life’s meaning, and enables them to evolve into  more complete and resilient people…The EDA book is innovative, significant and groundbreaking”

“EDA offers the power of fellowship and a sense of faith, however you may define it. Trust the  process, be willing to do the hard work, find others who support you and can hold the places  for you that you can’t yet see, and be gentle with yourself – this is a whole book and not a short story”

“EDA (and programs like it), offer perfect opportunities for providing important conditions for  recovery such as: unconditional acceptance, belief that recovery is possible, and examples of  how people apply real solutions to life’s problems”

“EDA has found a way to relate to all people, whether they embrace spiritual concepts or not.  The “Big Book” of Eating Disorders Anonymous creates no boundaries, but instead reaches  out to help everyone who suffers with these insidious illnesses. EDA makes room for every type  of eating disorder.”

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