Phone/Zoom Meetings


Important Announcement:

Phone/Zoom meetings are now listed as Online meetings on our regular meetings page. If any of the information appears incorrect, please reach out to the webmaster at [email protected].

EDA meetings are open to anyone looking for information and support for their own recovery process. Most meetings are also open to observers such as family, friends, students, and professionals. Meetings open only to EDA members are marked with **.

All Zoom meetings now require a passcode as per Zoom policy. The passcode for General Service Board-sponsored EDA Zoom meetings is 123456.  Some Zoom meetings have waiting rooms. If you find yourself in a waiting room, you may need to wait for a host to admit you. If you are a host and do not know how to do use a waiting room, you may review the instructions here. If you are in a meeting that does not have a host, please reach out to [email protected]
Want to start a new zoom meeting? Please email [email protected] with requests.

EDA Zoom Meeting Tips

Formats for phone meetings are located here: EDA Zoom and Phone Meeting Formats

Most phone meetings use Zoom. The Zoom phone number for US (west): 1-408-638-0968. The phone number for US (east): 1-646-558-8656. If calling from another country, see for the dial-in number. If dailing in by phone, call the number listed for your country, then enter the meeting ID when prompted. When asked for participant number, press #.  Most meetings require a passcode. These are listed with the meeting below.

Please note: you can join a Zoom meeting via the Zoom application:
To download the Zoom application, connect to, then download and run the Meeting Client installer.
To join via the Zoom application, click the blue-and-white Zoom icon, and enter the Meeting ID # and Participant Number #.
EDA Meeting Readings: click here

Abbreviations key: Big Book (BB) Meditation (M) Outside Literature (OL)
Phone/zoom meeting days/times:
(only hit # when asked for Participant Number)
Meeting times are in US EASTERN time and GMT. Please use world clock to determine the time in your area.

Not finding a meeting now? We have audio recordings available for listening at any time.