Chatroom Meetings

The New Beginnings EDA Chatroom Discord server is available here. If you do not have a Discord user ID, you will need to create an ID on the platform.

All EDA meetings are facilitated by volunteers. If no leader is available during a scheduled meeting, that means no volunteers are available; we apologize for the inconvenience.


New Beginnings Group: Living Recovery with the Program meeting times:

  • Sunday – 8:00 PM Eastern Time – Step/Tradition Study or Discussion meeting
  • Monday – 12:00 PM Eastern Time – Newcomer meeting (focused on steps 1,2,3)
  • Tuesday – 8:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Wednesday – 8:00 PM Eastern Time – Newcomer meeting (focused on steps 1,2,3)
  • Thursday –  8:00 PM Eastern Time – Topic meeting.
  • Friday – 1:00 PM Eastern Time – Big Book Study
  • Saturday – 10:00 AM Eastern Time – Topic Meeting

NOTICE: New Beginnings EDA Chatroom is only open during scheduled meetings.
Suggested Format for Online Meetings


  1. Please limit your comments so everyone gets a chance to share. Please do not provide unsolicited advice.
  2. Please, no cross-talking.
  3. If you want feedback, please ask for it after the meeting.
  4. We do not discuss numbers such as weight or specific detail information about foods OR behaviors so no one may be triggered.
  5. Please focus on recovery in this meeting room. It is important that participants feel safe.
  6. If you would like to share, please typing an * (asterisk); you will be called on to proceed with your sharing.
  7. After you are finished, please type “DONE.” 
  8. Please remember that courtesy goes a long way.
  9. Per group conscience, we respectfully request that all participants avoid offensive language, triggering language and any form of solicitation. Failure to do so may result in your being silenced or banned from the room.
  10. Remember that what you see here, whom you see here, let it stay here. Take what you need and leave the rest. And keep coming back!

We are currently looking for leaders for our online meetings. If you are interested in leading a meeting, please email [email protected] for more information.

**EDA is an All-Volunteer Organization**