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“We can reflect and be grateful that we are now able to experience depth of feeling and attachment without having to numb ourselves. Our ability to experience pain without running from it becomes a strength that can bring hope to others who struggle as we once did.”  EDA Big Book, p. 158

I fought against feelings most of my life, using my eating disorder to cope with highs and lows. I fought because I was afraid. I thought feelings had all the power, and I was helpless; feelings could destroy me.

Since joining EDA, I’ve developed a new perspective: feelings are only feelings, and they’re temporary. I’ve learned new tools that allow me a full range of emotions. Sometimes I’m uncomfortable, but I can sit with feelings or take appropriate action, using my emotions as an internal compass.

If angry, I can set a boundary or right a wrong—or maybe recognize that I had unreasonable expectations! If afraid, I can mitigate risk or change how I look at life’s opportunities. Pausing and staying present with whatever I’m feeling strengthens my recovery. Now that I am more comfortable with the richness of my emotions, I can help others who were frightened as I once was.

When I sit with my feelings, I get useful information from them, and they pass.

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