EDA Big Book

“This book not only gave me a solution for my eating disorder, but taught me step by step, a new way to live life successfully. I feel like this book speaks directly to me. It makes me laugh, cry, and everything in between. I bought 10 copies and cannot wait to tell everyone about it!”

“This book brings further hope and inspiration to the EDA program. I am thrilled to have this literature to finally be able to refer to. I have found even more strength and encouragement throughout the pages of this book.”

“I love my new EDA Big Book. It relates directly to us and is easy to understand and offers lots of great support.”

The idea of finding balance with regards to food, our emotional life, and caring for our bodies and minds has been an invaluable guide for me – and is something that makes this program unique. This book is beautiful crafted – one can’t help but be inspired by it!”

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