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The General Service Board (GSB), an organization made up of EDA group representatives (GSRs) and other volunteers, generally meets quarterly on 1st Sundays (April, July, October, January) from 4 to 6 pm Eastern Time (1-3 Pacific Time US). Our next GSB meeting will be on Sunday July 10th due to the July 4th US holiday. Literature up for GSB review and voting on July 10th, 2022 is available here.

The purpose of the GSB of Eating Disorders Anonymous, Inc is to support the Fellowship of Eating Disorders Anonymous. Its officers and other members of the GSB are but trustees, charged and empowered to create and maintain services that assist individuals with a desire to recover from an eating disorder find and maintain recovery through application of EDA principles in their lives. The GSB is a support unit for EDA and may include professionals. Contact if you are a professional interested in serving on our Board.

If your EDA group or region does not have a General Service Representative (GSR), please consider serving as one. Every EDA group should have an elected representative to ensure its voice is heard at the next level support organization. New GSRs can join 15 minutes before the regular quarterly meeting for a brief orientation.

See below for GSB meeting minutes and details about GSB meetings.

GSB Service Needs Summary – 2022-04-17

  • We need additional members of the webmaster committee to help for 1-2 hours each week. A technical background is not needed; most activities are easy to teach. Email to help.
  • Membership and Group Supportive Services is looking for 1-3 volunteers to “apprentice” with Dominique to learn how to respond to new meetings and meetings seeking support. Dominique is the only person currently doing this service for our worldwide fellowship, so your help would be invaluable. Email
  • The Email Response Coordination committee wants more email response coordinators to join the team. Volunteers would respond to emails written to the info@ email address on the day(s) of the week they volunteer for. Email for more information and to volunteer.
  • Literature committee needs help with the following. If interested, email
      • Creating an ARFID brochure
      • Translating and editing Spanish version of the Big Book Appendix B: A Perspective on Balance
      • Updating the EDA meeting guide
      • Submitting written meditations for our EDA meditations book at
  • We are expanding the Professional Contact Coordination committee to spread the word about EDA to more therapists, treatment centers, and other ED professionals. If interested, email
  • Please sign up for existing committees. Most have no cap on the number of members and always need help.

The Zoom phone number for US (west): 1-408-638-0968. The phone number for US (east): 1-646-558-8656.

The Meeting ID is 6394799909 #. When asked for Participant Number, enter # again. Passcode is 123456.

If calling from another country, see for the dial-in number. Alternatively, you can a join a Zoom meeting via the Zoom application: To download the Zoom application, connect to, then download and run the Meeting Client installer. To join via the Zoom application, click the blue-and-white Zoom icon, and enter the Meeting ID 6394799909 # and first name, last initial. Passcode is 123456.

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