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Our text, Eating Disorders Anonymous, is now available in paperback and e-pub editions!

Gürze Books published our text as a service to EDA. For information about the book, click here. For comments about the book from EDA members, click here.

 Complete copy of the EDA text: 1st edition of Eating Disorders Anonymous

EDA Big Book Chapters

Audio version of Eating Disorders Anonymous (work in progress!)

Comments about our text, Eating Disorders Anonymous

“I love my new EDA Big Book. It relates directly to us and is easy to understand and offers lots of great support.” Cher, Scotland, UK

“I absolutely love and treasure the EDA Big Book. Although I am in another fellowship and have been for almost 2 years, I find my ED to be so much more challenging. This new book speaks to me so clearly. I appreciate that it was written recently and uses language that is so relevant and meaningful. I truly believe so many people suffering with ED could benefit from and find hope in this important body of information. I bought several copies so I could give it to others who would benefit.” Mindy, Lakeland, FL

“I am skeptical about seeking any kind of cure or healing from a book. But the EDA Big Book is revolutionary in terms of recovery resources for people with eating disorders. At least it has been for me! It is not full of theories, dreamy quotes, or self-care aspirations…you know, the kind that I can never live up to! It is a set of clear instructions; the story of how exactly others as desperate and sick as me have found recovery. Following their instructions has afforded me freedom for the first time in my life.” Jasmine, Toronto

“Thanks to the concepts in this book, I have been in recovery from my eating disorder for more than 3 years. The idea of finding balance with regards to food, our emotional life, and caring for our bodies and minds has been an invaluable guide for me – and is something that makes this program unique. This book is beautiful crafted – one can’t help but be inspired by it!” Liz, San Francisco, CA

“This book brings further hope and inspiration to the EDA program. I am thrilled to have this literature to finally be able to refer to. I have found even more strength and encouragement throughout the pages of this book.” Shirl, Medway, MA

“This book not only gave me a solution for my eating disorder, but taught me step by step, a new way to live life successfully. I feel like this book speaks directly to me. It makes me laugh, cry, and everything in between. I bought 10 copies and cannot wait to tell everyone about it!” Diana, Lubbock, TX

“I love this book. I had an e-version on my Kindle with me when I was traveling with family and reading it really helped me feel connected and at peace. Wealth of information.” Michelle, MA

“The EDA big book has been a true gift to my recovery. It is so positive and solution-focused that every time I read from it, I lose a little more of the guilt and shame that has consumed me most of my life. I’ve noticed my eating habits are healthy and balanced now that I’ve let go of rigidity. “Letting go” is a concept I’ve always struggled with when attending other programs that have a restrictive/negative focus. Just a simple mind shift to being positive by focusing on health and balance is making a huge difference for me. I can’t thank those who wrote the EDA big book enough!” Donna K., Orrington, Maine

“EDA is a very welcome relief from ‘abstinence’ based food fellowships. It has helped me to be gentle with my food recovery. And just for today, one day at a time, my relationship with food is improving immeasurably.” Nici, Bath/Chippenham, UK

“I am so grateful to finally have an EDA book. I see myself on the pages every time I read… but, thankfully, it is not just a means to identify with others struggling with eating disorders (though vitally important!) The EDA book provides a solution through the steps…a practical, meaningful approach to living.” Missie, Redlands, California

“What I have read so far has given me a sense of comfort and relief that I hadn’t experienced before. I certainly love, love, love the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (the book I worked the steps out of, with a sponsor, for my eating disorder) but to not have to substitute the wording, and to know that the people whose stories I am reading, have actually experienced and lived in the hell that is an eating disorder, such as myself, brings about a tremendous amount of hope and the heartfelt conviction that I am truly not alone and that recovery is possible. Thank you EDA!”Ana, West Palm Beach, FL.