New!  An audio recording of the EDA Big Book is now available on the EDA Big Book tab!

Below you will find recordings of two workshops as well as some short recordings on each step.  The "Hope for Recovery Workshop" was a virtual 14 week workshop which was offered in the fall of 2021.  Links for the you-tube videos, audios and  accompanying handouts are found here.  In addition there are five related bonus videos which consist primarily of EDA members sharing their recovery stories.  The "EDA Step Workshop" was a virtual workshop offered over 16 weeks in 2018.  Links to the recordings, slides and worksheets are available here.

In the below recordings, individual EDA members and groups share their experience, strength and hope, explaining how they work the Steps to build and sustain full recovery.
A few caveats: Listening to a recording is not a substitute for attending EDA meetings or finding a sponsor. We encourage you to check out our meetings pages, including face-to-faceonline chat, and phone/Zoom EDA meetings. What you are about to hear reflects individual experiences that may or may not tally with your own. Please take what you can use and leave the rest.

EDA Hope for Recovery Workshop YouTube videos
Brief Intro to each of EDA's Twelve Steps (~20-30 minutes each) - YouTube audios
16-Week EDA Step Workshop recordings and slides (~60 minutes each) - podcast format