Service is a foundation of recovery in all 12-Step groups.

As we recover, and work to maintain recovery, we continue to build and develop more perspective, peace and power to address our own life challenges as a result of the efforts we make to help those who still suffer as we once did.

Service means helping to carry the message of recovery. There is a great deal we can do to advance this shared goal.

Some ways to help:

Greet newcomers, and make a point of helping everyone feel welcome and valued

Share your experience, your strength, and a message of hope at meetings

Contact a local therapist and provide literature and information about your meeting time and location

Contact a local hospital or recovery institution to see if they are interested in having clients attend a meeting

Put a notice in a local newspaper about your group. Newspapers often will list 12 step groups for free.

Pick up a leadership position in your group. Each group should have a leader who guides the meeting every week.

Sponsorship is a fundamental and vital component of Step Twelve: it is carrying the message of recovery in the most immediate, direct and meaningful way possible.

If you have worked the Steps and are able to sponsor others, please contact

EDA Twelve Step Sponsor: (click on link to volunteer to sponsor others in working the Twelve Steps )

Each group should have a treasurer, a General Service Board representative, and a literature coordinator who brings a sample of literature made available for free to visitors and new members. Service is part of EDA Steps and Traditions.