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EDA Meeting Starter

(The EDA Meeting Starter Kit contains all the Meeting Book Materials, EDA Brochures and Literature listed below. The kit is offered in compressed 7-Zip and WinZip formats. See link above to download the 7-Zip program.)

Introductory information for people starting a meeting

Detailed information for Meeting Leaders (EDA Meeting Guide)

Having trouble with your online group, in-person meeting or leaders? Please review our brochure Guide for Difficult Situations.

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The EDA Step Workbook contains a few ideas (such as working with a Step Buddy) that our cumulative experience has shown to be less than optimal to support newcomers seeking recovery from an eating disorder. We think it is very important to work with a sponsor. In deference to EDA members who want to use the older material, we are leaving the existing Step Workbook up until the EDA Step Workhop in July. The purpose of the Step Workshop in July is to increase the number of sponsors in EDA who are able to use the EDA Big Book. In July, the General Service Board will replace the existing Step Workbook with updated material. For now, please use Chapter 7 in the EDA Big Book rather than the older Step Workbook below.